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Related post: Date: Fri, 18 Sep 2009 02:54:38 -0700 From: Star Stevenson Subject: Pyrotechnics 2: When Jackie Met Cheryl Chapt 1 Lesbian Adult/YouthPYROTECHNICS 2: When Cheryl Met Jackie by StarSapphire Copyright 2009. All rights reserved. It is not necessary to read the original Pyrotechnics story that I posted some time ago to enjoy this one. I have bbs nn model lolita included a brief synopsis of it in the story and, of course, I do recommend you read it anyway! Jackie and I had been casual friends for several years and, while we were both ********, we had never been lovers. Not that there was anything wrong with her. She free young underage lolicon was taller than me, had a trim body she kept in shape, and had these really sexy blue eyes that went well with her long straight blond hair. We just had never considered ourselves as potential relationship material. We were generally pretty candid with each other lolita bbs board 1 though, especially around sexual matters, and I enjoyed our times together, infrequent as they were. At the time hardcore lolita sex pix I was 28 and, unknown to Jackie, having a passionate affair with a twelve year old girl that I lolita 101 teen nymphs desperately needed to keep secret. We'd met in the park near my office where I lolita girls gallery models ate lolita child panty pictures lunch most days. We first became friends then gradually grew closer together over time. I ended up being her primary babysitter as her mother worked nights as a bartender. She lolita nude preteen forums was also alcoholic sex nothing lolitas teen and more than a little neglectful. The maternal side of my nature rose to the occasion no nude loli ungest along with my libido. Young Cheryl, aside from being a knock out, was a bright, lively and very sensual young lady and we consummated our relationship that summer following a spectacular fireworks display I'd taken her to. The pyrotechnics continued into the wee hours of the morning! Jackie knew I was little lolitas site list babysitting Cheryl but not about our relationship. It therefore came as a surprise when we were having coffee one morning when she told me how attractive she thought Cheryl was. "I mean for twelve she is certainly hot!" Jackie exclaimed. "Why Jackie, I didn't know you were into younger women," I laughed a little nervously. Jackie was about a year older than me. "Neither did I. Not till I saw Cheryl," Jackie said. "I mean this is embarrassing, admitting I have the hots for a twelve year old school girl!" I laughed to myself, if only she knew. Well at least she little boy lolita had good taste! "She is attractive," I girl lolita com pics said trying to sound as neutral as I could. "And I'm sure Cheryl would be very flattered to know you said that." "About pretty young lolita models having the hots for her? My God," Jackie gasped. "You're not preteen lolita in nylon going to tell her that magic lolita free pic are you?" "Of course not," I laughed. "Just the part about being so attractive," I lied. Of course I was going to tell Cheryl that Jackie had the hots for her. She'd be delighted I was sure. Cheryl craved that kind of approval and I wouldn't deny her the knowledge of Jackie's nude lolita girls com feelings. I had no intention of taking matters any further of course, other than young lolitas angels cutie to enjoy the vicarious thrill I got from Jackie's excitement over Cheryl and to savour Cheryl's reaction when I told her. Jackie and I continued our conversation leaving Cheryl aside for the moment but she brought up the subject of liking young girls once again. This time she told me about her first sexual experience at 13 with a neighbour lady that had preteen lolita pics me quite moist by the end of the telling. It seems the woman had hired Jackie to do lolita preteen pics gallery some hot bbs pussy lolita yard work one summer after which japanese teen loli blog she proceeded with a teen nn lolita art rather prolonged seduction that had Jackie climbing the walls before she finally made her eauropean lolita rape videos move and administered the coup de grace as it were. nude lolita girl sites She had completely sexualized young Jackie and taught her all the positions and protocols of lesbian sex, along with a few other things not usually found in sex ed books. When the yard work was done for the summer the grounds had become lolita story sites bbs immaculate after repeated visits by Jackie, whose mother couldn't get over how dark bbs tgp lol industrious young Jackie had suddenly become in tending to her neighbour's yard! Jackie's conclusion surprised me yet underage lolita toplist preteendigest again. "I think maybe I want to give a girl that age all the pleasure and knowledge that I got that summer. You know, babygirls lolitas models nud like giving back, sort of." Well there was a new twist. While I had accepted the fact that I liked having sex with preteen lola girls nude young girls I'd never quite managed to rationalize it as an act nude preteen lols home of service before, as something worthy child models erotic loli of saintly praise! Oh well, if it helps you make it through the night Jackie, who am I to say different? We soon parted and set up another coffee date for the next weekend. That school pussy lolita pussy evening Cheryl was doing a sleep over at my place as she usually did. Her mom worked quite late on weekends and these became precious times for us to be together. lolicon tgp loli magazine Her mother certainly didn't mind me taking her for the whole weekend which gave her ample time to sleep, work, and drink without the hindrance of a daughter to look after. Out of misery comes joy! When Cheryl arrived in the afternoon I told her about my conversation with Jackie. She was at first amused but then began thinking. Uh oh, I thought, what's happening here? I looked at her delectable form, her thick brown hair, slim figure, 5'1" tall with just the hint of breasts, then admired her trim coltish legs bare to my gaze by virtue of the short shorts she wore. Even though I knew intimately what lay beneath this clothing I still longed to see her naked yet again. A flash of jealousy bolted through me as I thought of her being in pre teen oriental loltas the arms of my friend free tgp lolita russian Jackie as I knew she was contemplating. "You're thinking of having sex with Jackie aren't you, you little xxx 4 16yo lolitas minx?" I confronted her but with a wry smile young lolita alone pantie on my face. I wondered what she would reply, what loli repon info imageboard Jackie's yearnings might do to our relationship. "Yes," she said matter of factly. "But right now great lolita nude pics I'd rather have sex with you." "Good answer kid," I said somewhat relieved. I hadn't had much experience with the green eyed monster before and I was feeling a little unnerved. Cheryl saw the uncertain look on my face. "You're not jealous are you? Because if you are I'll never mention Jackie's name black lolita teen photos again," Cheryl said earnestly, noting under 18 lolitas models my woeful expression. "Besides that must preteen lolita pussy pictures mean you really love lolita girls 13 yo me." Cheryl looked up at me with those big brown eyes that always made me melt. "Oh God, you know what? I was feeling jealous and you're right it does mean I love you more than I realized. Oh baby, come here," I enfolded her in my arms pressing her tightly against my body. "Yes sweetheart I love you to bits but you don't need to stop thinking or talking about Jackie honey. I just need some time to think things through a bit more. I admit part of me is a little excited imagining you two together. Is that pthc lolita save links okay with you babe?" "Oh gosh Star yes!" Cheryl russian lolita models list giggled. "But for porn uncensored lolita teen right now let's keep it as our little fantasy. And don't forget, I told you I wanted sex with you japanese lolita lollipop nude now, remember?" How could I forget! We headed for the bedroom for a little afternoon delight where my desire to see young Cheryl naked was more than fulfilled. She was equally enamoured of my body, especially my big breasts which she instinctively headed for as soon as we lay down. Of course her little ones held my fascinated attention and I paid them a lot more than lip service. About her bare little puss I russian pedo loli topvagina won't even go there. Suffice it to say I was shaved as bald as her and we enjoyed each other's hairless nether regions immensely. No crease, fold, crevice, or protuberance was overlooked in our pursuit of ecstasy. As we lolita preteen nudist pics lay basking in the afterglow of the great sex we had just had the subject of Jackie again came up like a looming cloud floating just overhead. This subject would not go away peacefully. We needed to wrestle with it a bit. I was trying to be practical on the issue and Cheryl romantic, thus we didn't always agree. "We are going to have to tell her about us if this is to go ahead. That's almost a given. But just to be safe we'd tell her after you have sex with her," I said. "That way she couldn't tell on lolita russian incest porn us," That fear was ever close to my heart. "No Star, I told you, I want you to be there when we have sex! That'll be just as safe and I know you want to be there," she said, hitting the nail on the head and clinching that part lolita preteen pay site of the argument. I couldn't disagree. To see her writhing with passion nude lolita photos sites in Jackie's arms was a picture growing more vivid in my mind with each time we spoke of this. Somehow my faith and trust russian lolita amateur amature in her was overcoming my insidious jealous streak and I was becoming a willing partner to her plans. "You just have to promise I won't lose you to that slinky blond pedophile," I pleaded pathetically. Cheryl laughed. "No way! I belong totally to this brunette pedophile right here!" That settled, sluty little russian lolitas we showered and got on with our day. Of course this was top sites lolitas 14yo all at the level of fantasy I thought. I only half believed it really might happen. Even as we discussed intimate details of the arrangements that might ensue part of my mind stayed rigidly in denial that Jackie and Cheryl would actually have sex photo japanese lolita nude while I watched, as much as the picture of it turned me on and I would masturbate to the thought of it regularly all that week. Cheryl however, had a different take on things as it turned out. The week went by with even japanese lolita nn model more discussion about Jackie until It was time for our coffee date Saturday morning. small angels lolitas nude I was unexpectedly nervous as I approached the shop and waited for her to arrive. A few minutes later she came in looking very attractive and willowy in a pale sun dress, large brimmed hat, and sunglasses. Removing the latter two items she went to the counter, grabbed her coffee and joined me. My nervousness seemed to increase as she sat down and smiled. After exchanging pleasantries I told her Cheryl's delight at her compliment anxious to get her reaction. Jackie blushed. "Oh God, I'm still a little embarrassed at what I preteen lolly sexy pics told you last week. But the truth is I've been thinking about her a russian lolita rape pic lot since we talked. Come on, tell me! You must feel something towards her too or is it that I'm just a perv?" Jackie looked so upset I had to answer honestly. "Yes, I feel attracted to her. She's definitely a fox. lolicon models non nude I just don't know if I loli teen little jeune could have been as open about my feelings as amateur lolita nude bed you," underage lolita hardcore bbs I said. "So relax, you're not a pervert lolitas nude kid model okay? She's a very attractive, sensual girl and a lot of women would feel attracted to her. lolita models teen tgp At the very least I think lolita toplist ranking com she likes you a lolita galleries real site lot, if that helps." Which was certainly true. "Oh thank God! So it's not just me? Thank you Star, that's such a relief," she laughed and my nervousness vanished. She was still interested so maybe I could play with her a bit, or so I thought. "Hey, why don't you come shopping with Cheryl and me this afternoon? It'll give you a chance to really check her out and you two can get to know each other better," And have the living daylights teased out of you I thought, knowing just how Cheryl would play this. When I sexo lolitas russia ru told Cheryl later about this arrangement true to form a wicked grin played across her pretty little face and I knew Jackie was in for a rocky ride. For a start Cheryl chose to wear a pair of white short shorts that barely covered her lolita video clips wmv backside, never mind very young lolita what they did or didn't do to her frontside, along with a loose fitting pale blue half-top that allowed for some lolilta nude art pics surreptitious peeks from just the right angles. preteen lolitas sample pics The A cup bra of course was bbs loli great pics forgotten. Added to this `ensemble terrible' was a little light make-up and Cheryl looked smashing. Poor Jackie, I thought, she doesn't stand a chance. We met Jackie at the mall and Cheryl gave her a big beaming smile. The seduction had started! She complimented Jackie pretee lolita bbs sites on how she looked which was returned lolita hot horny models with a jaw dropping you're welcome as she eyed Cheryl's outfit and long carefully brushed underage cp lola pics hair. Jackie returned the praise in a quiet understatement that belied the look of frustrated excitement her very young thai lolitas face. Cheryl decided to walk beside Jackie and never ceased to look up at her adoringly as we walked along looking at hot preteen lolita pics the amateur lolita sex webcams shop windows. It was clear Cheryl was mastering the art lolita sweet pussy pics of `chatting up' as she flirted with and teased Jackie unmercifully for jock sturges pics lolita the underground lolita preteen underage lolita models nude pix next couple of hours. Jackie would occasionally look at me and giggle or roll her eyes in almost coquettish glee. Needless to say we didn't model lolita russian preview buy much and instead spent quite a while in the food fair as the two of them ogled each other and blushed a lolita porn teen photo lot. I thought it was all enormously funny even if twinges of jealousy occasionally tormented me. We finally parted company and each went our separate ways but not before Cheryl had finagled me into extending a dinner invitation to Jackie for the following evening. I was happy to oblige rape loli top 100 and more than a little intrigued to see what would transpire, although I pretended to make a bit of a fuss just for fun. Not to my surprise Jackie seemed inordinately pleased and accepted immediately much to Cheryl's delight of course. When we got home litle lolita fucking pics Cheryl burst into laughter. She was beside herself with delight, the little rascal. "Wasn't Jackie cool! She was so preteen russian nonnude lolitas into it!" "Yes she was you underage loli x model minx. You were almost cruel with those come-ons young lady," I answered amused. "Careful you don't start anything you can't finish." "Who says I can't free lollita xxx sex finish?" Cheryl replied with her wicked trade mark little grin. "God, I've created a monster!" I said, now wondering exactly where everything was going. It all felt a little out of my control. I had a bit of a restless model nn lolita top sleep real teen models lolita that amazing loli hentai galleries night while Cheryl slept the sleep that only the young can manage; instant, deep, and untroubled. Our sex had been preteen anal gallery lolitta warm and loving and gave me great reassurance of her love, something I didn't realize I was badly needing I guess. In fact the next morning I awoke lolita pics 16 17 without a pang of lolitas russian kids pics jealousy when I family nudist lolita gallery contemplated Cheryl and Jackie together. Indeed, I was looking forward to our dinner engagement that evening with not a little excitement at the thought of what might happen. I intended to talk to Cheryl about this over breakfast. I had taboo russian loli gallery at last given up my denial and realized that this whole thing might actually come together. We shall see! * * *
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